Antique & Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration

Every radio is special, and yours can be restored to better than new condition for continued listening pleasure. A word of warning for those who collect and enjoy vintage radios: frail wiring, leaky capacitors and the absence of internal circuit breakers may permanently compromise the integrity of the set. If your unit has a sketchy history or has not been turned on for a long time, do not plug in to see if it works! We strongly recommend that sets from circa 1920 – 1940 undergo a thorough inspection followed by full rewiring and replacement of fragile components. If you own an old radio and have any questions, please contact us for a consultation.


We recommend that any radio built from 1920 through 1940 be thoroughly inspected by a professional to avoid permanent damage from faulty circuitry or accumulated grime. “


On the Workbench

All work performed by Antique Sounds Restorations includes a thorough inspection of your unit as standard procedure with a free estimate to bring your radio up to specifications. Firing up an old radio may pose a hazard and permanently damage the unit. If the radio has been accumulating dust for decades, do not plug it in and turn it on. Have a professional inspection.

We perform professional evaluation of vintage radios and tube equipment which includes the following:

  • Replacement of all paper and wax capacitors
  • Replacement of all resistors that are out of specification
  • Replacement of all frayed wiring on chassis including power cord with polarized plug on AC/DC radios
  • Chassis is cleaned of any dirt, dust, or grime
  • Radios are fully aligned to factory specifications including dial calibration and sensitivity on all bands
  • Because of the age of restored radios, a circuit breaker or fuse will be installed for safety
  • To protect the life span of the tubes an inrush current limiter will be installed


We expertly refinish and restore your original wooden, bakelite, or catalin cabinets to their original luster.


Restoration and Repair of Other Tube Equipment

At Antique Sounds Restorations, we service all other types of tube type equipment, including car radios, and amplifiers for jukeboxes and guitars. We perform mechanical and electrical work on phonographs, phonograph cartridge repair, and we even re-cone damaged and ripped speakers. We expertly refinish and restore your wooden, bakelite or catalin cabinets back to their original luster.